Iowa Landowner’s Legal Guide

Landowners are faced with many questions, decisions and opportunities concerning their land.  Many of the issues that arise have a legal dimension. The Iowa Landowner’s Legal Guide aims to provide landowners with information and answers that protect it for the future and identify the responsibilities of landowners.  Here, you will find the accompanying videos that answer frequently asked questions and provide information about the agencies, organizations and professionals who can help landowners meet their goals. Included on this page are the videos, video narratives, and the first six chapters of the guide. The Law for Landowners video series is the most recent of many legal many resources created by Prof. Neil Hamilton to help farmers and landowners more successful in their practices.

Video Contents

Part 1: How to Use the Landowner’s Legal Guide
Part 2: Basic Principles of Property Law
Part 3: Who Else May Have an Interest in Property
Part 4: Joint Tenancy and Tenancy in Common
Part 5: Questions for Prospective Buyers
Part 6: Fence Law and Straying Animals
Part 7: Drainage Law
Part 8: Land Use Law
Part 9: Water Law
Part 10: Environmental Law
Part 11: Iowa Soil Conservation Law
Part 12: The Nutrient Reduction Strategy
Part 13: Farm Tenancy Law
Part 14: Farm Management Agreements
Part 15: Conservation Easements
Part 16: Water Quality
Part 17: Wildlife
Part 18: Grasslands and Grazing 
Part 19: Women Landowners
Part 20: Soil Health
Part 21: Working with NRCS
Part 22: Local Watershed Projects


Accompanying Video Narrative: Ten Points to Understand About How to Use the Landowner’s Legal Guide

Accompanying Video Narrative: Principle Property Law

Accompanying Video Narrative: Basics of Being a Landowner

Accompanying Video Narrative: Ten Things to Know About Joint Tenancy and Tenants in Common

Accompanying Video Narrative: 10 Things to Know About Iowa Land Use Law

Accompanying Video Narrative: Ten Points to Understand About Environmental Law

First Chapters of the Guide

Chapter One – Introduction

Chapter Two – Basics of Being a Landowner

Chapter Three – Practical Advice

Chapter Four – Fences

Chapter Five – Drainage Law

Chapter Six–Nuisance Law