Who Else May Have An Interest

Of the 36,000,000 acres of land in Iowa, more than 33,000,000 acres are farmland.  Iowa landowners include people who inherited the land, while others are new farmers who purchased farmland as an investment or as a rural residency.

The Drake Agricultural Law Center created the Iowa Landowners Legal Guide as a tool to be utilized by any type of landowner. This guide provides videos and text for those who want to gain a better understanding of the legal rights and responsibilities of owning Iowa farmland.

Today’s post features the video “Who Else May Have an Interest?”  In the video, you’ll find that even if a person owns land, he or she does not have total liberty to do whatever he or she wants to do to the land.  In Iowa, there is a long list of people and institutions other than the owner with a legal interest in the farmland.  The video explores 10 of these groups.

We encourage landowners and aspiring landowners to watch the video to better understand how owning farmland legally binds them to others in ways they might not have considered.