Legal Guides

The Iowa Landowner’s Legal Guide

This guide answers questions in connection with owning and operating farmland.  Topics include basic matters of fence law and drainage.  They also include more fundamental questions about the different ways interests in owning land can be divided, such as tenancy in common and leases. The guide is especially designed for new landowners.

The Legal Guide for Direct Farm Marketing 

The updated the Legal Guide and website address the different forms of direct marketing as well as business organization, contracts, labeling, insurance and liability, food safety, licensing, inspections, and more.

The Landowner’s Guide to Sustainable Farm Leasing

This guide introduces landowners to the principle issues regarding the use of a lease agreement to promote a sustainable farm operation.  The guide covers a variety of topics ranging from the importance of a written lease agreement and notice of termination laws to allowances for on-farm marketing and ecosystem services contracts.