Conference Follow-up

Thank you to our 175 participants for making the SOIL Conference a success. The conference developed important conversations and policy considerations for water and soil conservation.

Thank you to the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture for supporting this policy initiative project.

SOIL 2015 Conference Program

SOIL Conference Survey Results: Over 100 water quality and soil health stakeholders answered 20 questions about  sustaining our Iowa land.

Soil and Water Conservation Checklist for Landowners and Farmers: Twenty-two questions designed to help you consider the soil and water conservation opportunities for your farmland.

SOIL Conference 2015 Documents: This page contains 29 links to resources provided by participants at the SOIL conference.

SOIL Conference 2015 Evaluation Survey Results

SOIL Conference 2015 Videos

Ten Key Observations from SOIL 2015 by Neil Hamilton from the 2015 SOIL conference.